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FACK / FAQ's / frequently asked Qs

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1. can you tell me more about yourself?

➜ no. I can't write and send you exclusive e-books about myself, lol.

the best way to get to know me (a bit) is by reading all this FAQ and scrolling thru my posts on my favorite platforms. also by buying my full videos: mie.baby

2. what are your rules?

➜ just behave as a normal and kind human. that’s it. and we are also gonna follow the rules of the platform we interact. (normal stuff, very easy).


3.ㅤ what’s your name?

➜ mie

4. how old are you?

➜ come on… I’m +18 that’s it ✔︎ but if you insist…I’m in my early 20’s

5. are you single?

➜ yes, i'm happily 1000% single.

6. where you from?

➜ planet Earth (on the milky way)

ㅤㅤ ㅤ

7. nationality?

➜ who cares? (from Asia. that’s it)

8. where are you located?

➜ usually in Hong Kong. but not all the time. DO NOT ask my exact location!

9. what languages you speak?

➜ broken engrish and other one.

10. what size is your boobs?

➜ 90F

11. how tall are you?

➜ smol potato. 5’5 optimistically.

12. what's your favorite color?

➜ yellow. because I'm yellow.

ㅤ ㅤ

13. what’s your favorite sexual position?

➜ masturbating thinking about you.

14. ㅤhave you tried anal?

➜ i play with my ass all the time. i even wear but plugs up into my ass on a daily basis, basically part of my outfit. is just like any other accessory. like a ring.

15.ㅤ no, i mean with a men? have you bla bla bla with a men? have you bla bla bla with a real cock of a men?

➜ why you’re asking me for men? 😔

16. do you have b/g (boy / girl) content?

➜ NO. i don't... do you enjoy watching other men's dicks? do NOT ask me for other men’s dicks please is sad

and pathetic. 🤦🏻‍♀️ get some help 💋

17. do you sell custom content?

➜ yes, but it wont be cheap.. 😏

18. can we chat?

➜ sure, in my favorite platforms. just dm me, tips bring my attention faster :) ㅤ

19. do you have personal email?

➜ yes, but I don’t give it to anyone, plus, emails are quite slow and boring.

20. can we sext?

➜ of course, (with my potato English) adding a big tip is the way to start.

21. can i show you my dick / cum?

➜ sure, I'll be so glad to admire your amazing cock or mess anytime, add a tip to your message to be able to see it.

22. can you help me to cum?

➜ yes, because I’ll be always doing my best creating new content so you can cum faster and stronger.

unfortunately I won’t be able to give you a personalized and unique in real time assistance to cum. that’s your responsability. you can get any of my long videos. that will be very helpful 💦

anyway, bit dissapointed that you can’t easily cum watching my content 😔

23. where are your full videos?

check my main page: mie.baby

24. where are your socials?

➜ c’mon…haha, check: mie.baby

25. why you don’t reply my message??

➜ maybe i’m busy or just lazy. don’t think too much, i’m a normal person like you. sometimes i’ll reply you super fast and sometimes super slow. it is what it is.


26. who help you to record your videos?

➜ my sister (sometimes) I think she’s a bit better than my tripod… haha

have a question? just dm me on your favorite platform. username: @miebb 💋

last update Apr 28, 2024


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